Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Angels Over Me Video Shoot

After a long time of listening to this song and teeter-tottering back and forth to decide whether to release it now or not until the mixtape drops.  Finally, we decided that it doesn't matter anyways because nobody knows who we even are yet.  The song "Angels Over Me" is an instrumental I created using samples from an Ella Fitzgerald song "Watch Over Me."  Many music critics of hip-hop might bash every aspect of this song and rant on about how "rap needs to be HARD" or "there isn't enough cussing,"  but I don't spend my time worrying about those fools.  Music is art, even though art needs to have rules, people expect some rules to apply to all concepts of hip-hop too.  For example 808 kick drums and a facade of thuggish attitude.

This song unifies the direction of our sound that we've I've been working on creating for years.  Chill vibes, dope rhymes, and easy on the mind's eye. 

Today we set off around the Nashville area to capture footage in spots that will fit the setting and mood you feel the song portray.  Happy listening everybody and BGO Studios hopes you enjoy this new track and to remember to keep your eyes peeled for the new Tony Tone - Angels Over Me music video coming soon!

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