Sunday, August 26, 2012

Okay, so here goes another "BLOG."  This time it will be interesting and I won't lose interest in it myself because the theme of this blog is what keeps me ticking.  Until I configured my site's pages I didn't have any plans written down or in solid form, just constantly in the back of my brains brewing. 

My name is Skylar Franks, I am a graduate from SAE Nashville with a diploma for audio engineering.  I am in the process of building a semi-professional recording studio out of my apartment in East Nashville and planning the final concepts to start this media production corporation called BGO STUDIOS.  I have very little place or talents in normal workplaces;  I stay up late, show up late, and don't take kindly to employees my age being promoted to manager and acting like they own the place.  This is precisely why I need to find work outside the kitchen but more on why I'm great at working in studio environments; I stay up as late as I need to finish a project, sleep in, be my own boss and not have to fret about being fired.  All I think about is ART in some form, whether it's a picture in my head I need to paint or a beat that comes into my head and keeps ringing in my ears with complete instrumentation and choruses.  I went to SAE to learn how to create what I hear in my head and put it to a medium the correct way and with the right habits, but I've been drawing and designing since I could walk.

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