Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Meaning of BGO

B.G.O. is an acronym and a term that my friend and I learned from a local rapper from my home town in Boone, NC.  His name is Trey and is probably not too happy of the fact that I am basing my entire business on 3 letters that he lived by and in the process, we too live by.  So before I go any further, Trey if you read this, I only mean the most respect for you and this motto even though I couldn't put up with the rest of the bogus you fed us.

"BARELY GETTING OPEN" is what the modest acronym stands for.  It might be hard to grasp at first so let me explain.  Wherever we go, Whatever we do, However we do it, we're only barely getting open.  An example would be an artist renowned for producing a song that won multiple Grammys and is at the top of the charts.  Some in that artist's position would see this as themselves reaching their highest potential and start to plateau because they feel their famous enough to where they can.  While OTHERS in this position will look at it as not the limit but as THE BEGINNING POINT and the future potential you have FOR YOUR SKILL AT WHAT YOU CAN ONLY GET BETTER AT.

So when you look at yourself in the mirror and think you've reached the all time high, remember that you're only barely getting open and see that there is always room to grow and modesty, positivity, and motivation is the path to follow.

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