Saturday, September 29, 2012

BGO Longboards: A New Kind of Canvas

Finally, the long awaited blank decks were ordered and arrived in Nashville Friday morning.  One in the common pin-tail shape standing 44" by 10" and the other standing 40" by 10" with a kick-tail,  they both are  100% bamboo and nearly impossible to break.  Whether your intentions of buying one of these products (when they are finished being painted) is to ride or hang on the wall, it will serve great for both.

Each board is different in shape therefore they both speak different in the visions I see for their final outcome.  the Pin-tail is almost halfway finished and the kick-tail still sits modestly in the corner.  To keep the certain BGO style incorporated in every piece of work fresh, is tough but when it's landscapes and and peaceful scenery your painting, I can't get tired of it.  I can't wait to see how they turn out and hopefully it won't be next year until I finish.

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  1. They look beautiful, like a vintage. I recently found a good shop,they had excellent discounts and promotions. I bought there a skateboard for my younger brother, I advise you to see, perhaps you will choose something more modern.