Tuesday, September 18, 2012

BGO Longboards & Custom Longboard Designs

I've had to take a small hiatus from any further productions until the 20th when I get paid next.  I've come across a local company that cuts and presses bamboo longboards.  This company also happens to sell each longboard deck at a price I will finally be able to afford in major quantities while also making a little profit. 

The concept of BGO Boards is simple. ART.  Each board or longboard will have their own identities and none will be the same.  Turning a crafted plank of wood into a beautiful smooth riding canvass on wheels or something to polished to be played with and simply hung on your wall for aesthetics. 

I have a tendency to lose my creative side for weeks at a time, so, once I've produced all of the designs that are in planning,  I'll be making a special page on this blog for Special Custom Requests
Take a picture with your phone of a simple drawing, idea or concept, and upload it to the message board.  These will be displayed on the site with the picture of the final product next to the concepts.

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