Saturday, September 29, 2012

BGO Music Production Studios: Tony Tone & Dank Franks Put in Some Work

The current (paycheck) job I'm working at is slowing down towards the end of boating season and since the restaurant is located on the dock of a marina, the restaurant is now closed from Monday to Wednesday, meaning Tony Tone and Dank Franks have 3 days straight of recording time.

After 3 days of around 5 hour sessions, we finished a couple tracks, produced even more new beats and laid down some "Dank" hooks.

Although I may have wasted $5 submitting this track to I still think it slaps all haters in the nose.
Check it.

Anybody with the angst and motivation to have their talents (vocal, guitar, bass, piano) recorded through a professional medium at a far more than reasonable price compared to others in Nashville, contact BGO Studios!!!  Skylar Franks, BGO engineer and productions manager, will make your studio session worth while and help you conjure up everything that sets your art apart from the rest and form it into a structured layout. (828)-406-7344. Recording rates as low as $15/hr. 

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