Friday, November 2, 2012

Hip-Hop Music Video Drop Angels Over Me by Tony Tone Prod. by BGO Studios

Today is a BIIGGG Day today!!!  BGO Studios (just me) will be releasing its first Official Production Music video from Tony Tone!  Using a multiplex of confusing and complicated programs I learned through Youtube, Tony and I persuaded a few friends of ours (with nice cameras) to come record a couple days for enough footage.  I pray that maybe someday when this blog is seen more and BGO is grown that I'll have someone I can pay to do this work for me because Nothing Is More Aggravating than Final Cut Pro and  Adobe After Effects. No matter how much professional experience one can have in video editing, if you have a laptop with no free disk space, this task is very very slow and commonly  inaccurate when lining up the beat with the audio.  WHOOO it's finished, don't tell me it needs work because I'll laugh at your face!!! Thanks everybody who helped out, hope you feel this new music video by Tony Tone produced by Dank Franks of BGO Studios.

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