Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sons of Bluegrass

If you're ever in the mood for some bluegrass tunes with a new school kick check out the Sons of Bluegrass (SOB's) based out of Johnson City, TN.  Being friends through high school with the mandolin player and vocals (Cameron Owens) and the fiddle player (Meade Richter), I've seen an incredible first hand view on their progression as a band and in skill through a short period of time.  Most, if not all, members of the band are enrolled in ETSU majoring in the university's first ever bluegrass program.  It's funny meeting your old friend's new friends and see how much they're like your friends and you get along with them immediately, that's how it was with the rest of the band members of he SOB's.  Chris Armstrong (Bass and vocals) and Dan Troyer (Banjo) "kill it" just like the rest of the members.  Everybody in my crew RISING TO THE TOP!!


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