Monday, January 26, 2015

The Chasers of Honey "That Sweet Nectar"

Very few things as sweet as the nectar of honey.  Honey that takes almost a year to develop into its sweetness from bees working they're hardest for an honest day's pay.  Eventually, a small group of very peculiar worker bees say "to hell with it" and head to the road in search of they're own sweet honey nectar. During the "Honey Chase," they are confronted by many tests, challenging they're skills, intelligence, motivation, and integrity. Will they have what it takes to finally obtain they're own inner "Nectar?"  Stay tuned and follow The Honey Chasers for more exciting music, shows and entertainment.

Check out a sneak-peak BGO Studios new graphic design for their upcoming album cover contributed in part by Zachary Smith.

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