Monday, March 13, 2017

10 Years of Experience

    Ever since I cracked a version of Adobe Illustrator CS2 and Photoshop 6 when I was 15, I have worked non-stop to master art and graphic design. Sometimes I think back and remember high school days slangin t-shirts out of my locker and getting detention for soliciting or something. The problem I face now when it comes to making a living as a freelance designer, is that even through the Many requests I get from clients asking for a design, none of them want to pay me enough(or anything at all). My prices are so generous as a designer, other designers would seriously laugh at me. The average cost per hour for a professional designer is a rate of $50 an hour. This includes pre-sketches to proofing to final export and buying the vector files for an extra fee.
    What differentiates me from other designers is my flat rates. The flat rate depends on the difficulty, size, or detail of your project. My average design rates go from $50 and up, rarely peaking at $250 for the most detailed of projects. To compare the cost from an average designer of $50 an hour goes like so; Most projects take at least 10 hours. That's $500 people!
     If $50 for your business's logo is too much for you, with all due respect, your business probably isn't worth a damn penny.


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