Friday, September 1, 2017

Dank Franks - Artist In Every Form

Dank Franks is me.  I do all the process of artist artworks myself.  From songwriting and music production to album artwork and promotional items to music videos and even printing, cutting and glueing every album I've sold.  I don't need to pay anybody to accomplish the tasks I need done.  If I was signed to a label, they would know they were about to save so much damn money... Too bad bruh.  If I had paid somebody to design this for me, I wouldn't be attached to it, I wouldn't want to parade this ish all over everything I own and don't own.  I am in control.  Call me whatever you want, x-girlfriends call me narcissistic and not because I stare at myself in the mirror all day, but because I would rather spend my time any day working on artwork to progress myself as an artist.
I have no time for distractions or people except for my cat ^.^
If you're reading this, check out my music and artwork or shoot me a message. <3  •  •
Insta @dankfrankfurter

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